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GEM uses the power of incremental change to help organizations methodically transition to new ways of working, learning, and measuring. This proprietary tool is the foundation for many of our programs, tools, and services.

Gamified Enterprise Management

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We used the GEM Screening Service to screen candidates for Agile positions for our customers. This service helped us match the right candidate to the needs of our customers and was the differentiators that make our candidates stand out. The service is easy, quick and effective and provides a detailed report that set us apart from our competitors.

VP Recruitment and Services


We looked at our business through a different lens after taking the GEM Quick Start training with our team. We were able to make incremental changes that gave us ongoing continuous improvements with no reliance on experts.

Owner See & Co


What really surprised me about the program was how easy it was to use and the astonishing outcomes. Our coaching team went from lack of communication and being ineffective to high performing by simply following the process. We became cohesive, every voice was heard and considered. This really improved inclusion and equity which made our team even stronger.

GEM Lead Coach


We help people with barriers to entry into technology to achieve their career goals through our GEM Fluency Certification and GEM Fluency Trainer Certification. We have helped change the lives of hundreds of families and have improved the diversity, equity and inclusion for our clients through our unique training programs that teaches an easy to follow step-by-step approach.

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LaaS For Leaders in Adaptive Organizations

Leverage the GEM Fluency Framework to learn how to lead an adaptive organization through developing behaviors and activities that create create a digital operating model that includes listening and learning, creating flow and measuring results.