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Updated: Jan 25, 2021

Excerpt from: Digital Operations, How to Survive and Thrive in an Industry 4.0 Economy

The one place that trips up organizations in the team of teams, enablement pipeline way of thinking is they get lost in Product Management, what is it and where does it sit? In the DigOps Product-Centric Workflow diagram, they are represented between Flow and Outcomes and linked to Strategy through results because they work across the entire organization.

Product Management is responsible to support the establishment of desired results and to set the measured outcome criteria while supporting the Enterprise Delivery teams to establish quality standards and create flow of the right products and support the Delivery Teams in delivering measurable quality outcomes. The product management teams could be known as the “guardians of the vision.”

Often times organizations expect one person to be able to provide this entire responsibility. It is not possible! Product Management is another team of teams that works across the entire organization to provide the support needed to realize established desired results.

The Product Management team works across the entire organization and with each team of teams to manage backlogs, create cohesive flow and support the tension between each team by providing direction when build the right thing, build it fast and build it right come to loggerheads. It is up to the product management team to protect quality value flow to customers.

This is a subject for a complete book, on it's way soon! For more information on this topic, see the Powers Digital Solutions website to download a free Enterprise Product Planning Overview, or play the digital Plan to Win! Game (https://www.powersds.com/freestuff) or sign up for a coming Product Management Mastery class.

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