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Welcome to the Jungle - Part 3

Jungle Mastery

Welcome back to the Industry 4.0 jungle, where we're wrapping up this three-part blog series on understanding and navigating the digital business era. Businesses of all sizes and industries find themselves mired between physical and digital infrastructures, operating processes, and workplace culture. The need to adapt is apparent, but the hows, whens, and whys of doing so are not as obvious.

To discover these answers requires the third survival skill, which I alluded to in Part 2. Coincidentally, this survival skill is similar to the first in that it goes back to one of the most basic fundamentals of all other industrial revolutions. As with any "jungle" that humans have had to navigate, they did so with the help of others. No one survives in the jungle alone, which is why I consider Survival Skill #3 to be the most essential in becoming an Industry 4.0 jungle master.

Survival Skill #3: Let Others Augment Your Own Skills

When exploring a new land, it's hard without a map, an understanding of the language, or a local guide to lead you. This is a new story that's being told as it's being written. It's not perfectly edited and polished, but raw and mysterious. There are pitfalls and plot holes along the way. The jungle demands careful navigation to harness the benefits without being crushed.

As I developed various tools and techniques, I had many consultants try and test them to learn and help others navigate their way more effectively. We tested the frameworks, programs, tools, and services with various companies, from startups to large multinationals. Over time, I saw obvious patterns emerge that eventually grew into what is now known as the DigOps model.

Over time, I've distilled my findings down into simple, easy-to-understand steps that all businesses can deploy in their own organization.

No industrial revolution is the work of one person, neither is this one. The goal of the DigiOps model is to help companies transition from their traditional operating model to a digital one, leveraging the proven knowledge and experience of others to become self-sufficient in learning, growing, and sustaining their transformation.

The most essential skill is developing a Learning Organization where teams are rewarded for learning and improving. This is done through using Diverse Collaboration across the organization. My next blog series will cover this concept.

Wrapping Up

It is my firm belief that we can all make the world a better place to live by helping people develop autonomy, mastery, and purpose in organizations where they are encouraged to grow and learn together and from each other. Choosing a guiding light like the DigOps model creates learning places over workplaces that have the power to change a company's competitive position and build resilience for the long term.

I invite you to check out my book, Digital Operations: How to Survive and Thrive in the Industry 4.0 Jungle, where you can start taking informed steps through the jungle and build what it takes to survive and thrive as a business in the modern era.

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