Pre-Sale Available

Pre-Sale Available

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Reserve your copy of Digital Operations today! This exciting look at How to Survive and Thrive in the Industry 4.0 Jungle will be coming out the first week of July and is available for pre-order at a special price.


Pre-Launch Price: $22.99  On-Sale Price: $28.99


    Today’s organizations are constantly reacting to the ever-changing emergent needs introduced by digital products and tools. We live in a complex time where customers consume digital products and services with higher frequency and demand. Brick-and-mortar operations struggle to keep pace with the Digital Era, pushing us to think about customer experience and market growth in new ways. To be competitive, organizations must respond quickly to different ways of working, learning, and measuring.

    As competition gets faster and the ability to respond to emergent needs increases, it can feel like customers are similar to the shapeshifters described in fables from the past. Every time you think you understand customer needs and expectations, they are bound to shift as new offerings create fiercer competition. Organizations that want to survive and thrive in this Industry 4.0 economy need a well-coordinated digital operating model to pivot to emergent needs.

    For organizations to truly thrive, they need to focus on both operational effectiveness and strategic positioning. You may ask, “Where do we begin?”, “Where should the effort be focused?” You will find the answer to these questions in this book. This book offers a guide to transition organizations to a Digital Operating (DigOps®) to compete in today’s economy.

    Any organization can improve business results using the DigOps® model. This book outlines the strategic activities and workflow foundations to be nimble and the Six Key Industry 4.0 Disciplines and capabilities to compete. Using the step-by-step approach, you can take your organization from a traditional operating model to a DigOps model, poised to shift and change to meet the needs of an ever-changing economy. This book positions you to survive and thrive in the Industry 4.0 economy.


    Purchase of the book includes a physical copy as well as a digital download. Books will be mailed the first week of July to the address provided. Additional copies will be mailed to the same address unless otherwise indicated.